Billiards Snooker Pool Retractable Cue Chalk Holder with Belt Clip

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Having this Retractable Billiards Pool Cue Chalk Holder with Belt Clip, you may never lose yours again. And chalk will extend about 63cm and self-retract. You will not waste time looking for a good piece of chalk when you could be shooting pool. This Retractable Billiards Pool Cue Chalk Holder with Belt Clip is perfect tool for fancy billiards or pool playing

Billiards Pool Cue Retractable Chalk Holder with Belt Clip
A great way not to lose the chalk or get your hands dirty
Convenient to use with retractable cord extending up to 63cm
Easily clip to belt or pocket-no more misplaced chalk
Precisely formed to tightly fit a standard size piece of pool chalk
Suitable for home or commercial use
Holder Inner Dimension: Approx. 21 x 21x 19mm
Material: Steel, Rubber, Plastic
Color: Black, Sliver Clip

Package Includes:

1 x Chalk Holder